Paintona is THE PLACE to be if you’re looking to buy Paint by Number kits.

After struggling with anxiety issues my whole life, I took to art as a means of escapism and today, I offer you something that has literally saved my life. Buy here, not because you have to, but because you want to.

Paintona is a product of love and pain, and that is not an exaggeration. Pain, in the sense my anxiety had a lot to do with its creation. Love, because I wouldn’t exist if not for art.

But to be honest, I can’t really pinpoint how my anxiety actually began. All I could remember were a few significant failures and unresolved issues back when I was a kid that may have contributed to the anxiety attacks.

It began growing like any other disease, and I was soon spiraling into the deepest pits of depression before I even knew what was happening. Or could anticipate the sinking feeling in my core. My anxiety issues manifested themselves in violent tremors mainly in my hands.

My Struggles

I was almost phobic to go out of the house, talk to people or even think of anything productive. Lest my mind triggers another set of violently fearful feelings.

Amidst all of this, I lost my job as a prep school teacher, as I wasn’t even coming out of my room, let alone the house. Not that I didn’t land jobs, similar to that of the previous one as well as in different fields. But, I failed to keep up with the pace of work and couldn’t hold on to them for long.

I’ve loved art, so following a YouTube tutorial on painting, I decided to take it up. As long as I could remember, creativity and especially, colors had always been a happy feeling for me. However, I understood that it wasn’t going to be as easy as I had thought it to be.

The moment I took up the brush, my anxiety kicked in, and my tremors returned making it impossible for me to go past a few strokes here and there.

My mind was so buzzed that I had the hardest time visualizing any image that I wanted to paint. This went on for some time until I learned to put a print of an entire image on the board next to me and went about working obsessively on the details.

As strange as this might sound to you, it actually helped me enormously, and I finally found immense peace in painting. So much so that I actively did it daily and eventually thought of turning my passion into a business.

And thus, Paintona was born out of immense pain to relieve me of my anxiety, carrying an ardent wish and my vision to help others out of similar circumstances.

Why buy from Paintona?

Paintona is not only my dream child but my desire to help people who went through the same excruciating pain as I still do. You shouldn’t support Paintona just because it’s somebody’s dream project, but support it to take the first steps to help yourself out of this situation. Just like I did using Paint by Numbers.

This is something that a corporation like Amazon or eBay wouldn’t care about.

And keeping that in mind I have specifically designed my website to give you the ideal tools that not only will make you feel better but also teach how to develop control over persistent negative thoughts!

Now, in all honesty, the disadvantage in buying from Paintona is that it might take you a bit longer to get the product due to longer shipping time. But! Be certain that every product that goes to you from my website is created out of immense love and put through rigorous quality checks so that you end up with only the best in the market!

I also ensure the elimination of any third-party involved between the manufacturer and the customer!

The only thing that I expect and would earnestly request each one of you is to give Paintona a legit try and then decide for yourself. This isn’t just any other commercial portal, but an aspiration for helping people out of their darkest moments.

Do it for yourself. And do it for others, making it a happier and prettier place for all! Let’s color it all together!